Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We tailor our services to each client’s needs so our fees vary depending on the scope and size of each website project. We agree on a flat fee with the client and set up a mutually agreeable payment schedule. Our prices are competitive and we offer discounts to non-profits. Please connect with us for a quote.

Does Ellie Shaw do all the work?

Programming IconShe does everything except the programming. For that, she brings an independent contractor on board. His or her fees are included in the quoted price.

Can we get guidance for planning and organizing?

Yes, that is one of Ellie Shaw’s strong suits. She is adept at streamlining navigation so website users can easily find the information they are looking for.

Is help available to update and expand our content and images?

Writing IconEllie Shaw is an expert at editing existing content and creating new texts. She ensures that written content and visuals work together to enhance the visitors’ interactions.

How long will it take to finish a website?

The best-case scenario is 8 weeks, but it generally is 10 weeks or longer. The faster clients supply the content and images they want posted, the faster Shaw Media can finish the project.

What about SEO and analytics?

Analytics IconContent is key to optimizing a website’s appeal to search engines. Ellie Shaw’s projects are automatically built with the key elements for improving search results. Links to analytics are included as well.

Does Shaw Media Consulting oversee the website once it’s posted?

No, that work is not part of the website development contract. However, if a client wants ongoing site management of its news pages, blogs, sales offerings, etc., Ellie Shaw is happy to do that under a new monthly contract.

What if we have problems with the website later?

Shaw Media is always available if you have problems or questions, even well after the end of the contract. Contact Ellie Shaw by phone or email and she will assess your situation for free and offer her best advice for resolving it. If her direct help or technical assistance is needed, she will give you a price and/or recommend a reliable service.

Where are you located?

We’re in Sacramento, California and have worked with clients throughout the state and in several others as well.